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We believe in creative ideas wherever they come from as well as professional delivery and evaluation. We live the digital life and have helped hundreds of clients with a huge range of digital solutions.

  • Strategic Social Media

    Our experienced teams are experts in creating in depth planning for our clients needs in order to maximize their social media networks. Whether it be growth, engagement or campaign based objectives we deliver stand out work that generates real results. Every business, artist or brand can utilize social media to communicate with their audience and customers in order to have a more effective relationship. From consultations, network creation and creative campaigns we can cover every aspect of your business’s social media.

  • Community Management

    It is becoming increasingly important to not only build social networks but to constantly monitor those networks to ensure you are delivering responses and content in the real time that users demand. We pride ourselves in 24/7 management of client networks to ensure we are constantly aware of developments.

  • Content Creation

    Material develop and produce a range of audio, visual and video content in the ever growing demand for content. Our experienced team know how to create stand out and snappy content to deliver both engagement and cut through with your brand message. From inflight audio to event eflyers or exclusive behind the scenes video we can develop the concept through to the delivery of content itself. Ready for the world to share.

  • Website and App Development

    At Material we design and develop websites and unique Facebook applications for a range of clients. Bespoke applications enable our clients to deliver a range of services within the Facebook platform from voting, games data capture and moving image. Our abundance of experience in the digital sphere ensure we are able to deliver cost effective websites that provide an effective user experience.

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Google Analytics & Tag Manager

After using Google Analytics and Tag manager for our end of month reports, we wanted to share this great article about how to use these tool to measure your marketing and get the best our of your website: Read more

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About us

Material provides comprehensive and unique digital strategy with a creative flair, alongside innovative web design and development solutions. Our company comprises a team of experts specialising in social media, community management, campaign development and execution, online marketing, content production and development of bespoke websites and apps. We have extensive knowledge of the music and entertainment industries within an online, social environment.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Design



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